PMTS-20 Portable Field Metallographic Inspection System

Product introduction

During the metallographic examination of the portable on-site metallographic examination system, it is not necessary to move the workpiece, cut and sample, and directly grind, polish, etch and observe the workpiece to ensure the integrity of the workpiece. It is an effective tool for non-destructive testing of metallographic structure. Grinding, polishing and etching

The on-site metallographic inspection system is applicable to the metallographic inspection of large and unbreakable products, such as safety inspection, quality supervision, metallographic inspection and failure analysis in petrochemical industry, railway shipbuilding, power plant, power station, equipment installation, large abrasive tools and other industries. Especially important for quality control, detection and fault analysis of power plants, chemical plants, offshore platforms and other applications

Product features:

1. The system is complete and consists of one or more of the following five components:

1) M-20D portable metallographic microscope

2) MAP-1 speed regulating grinding and polishing machine for site use (optional)

3) EP-01 portable electrolytic polishing machine (optional)

4) MIAS3000 professional metallographic analysis software (optional)

5) AC paper - reproduction of microscopic images (optional)

2. The system completes the whole process of on-site sample grinding, polishing, etching (mechanical or electrolytic), microscopic observation, microscopic digital photography and replica

3. Each sub component of the system is packaged separately for easy carrying

4. Easy to use without special training;

5. It has high efficiency and can quickly obtain high-quality microstructural photos.