Product Description

This product is a new generation of intelligent products, the measurement value is one click.

Designed by LAB TESTING TECHNOLOGIES PTE. LTD. (SINGAPORE), manufactured by Jiashan LABTT and authorised for sale in China by Shanghai LABTT and Jiashan LABTT.

Key features and functions

Modern minimalist design

Various Rockwell scales, HVT, HBT optional

Full automatic, high precision force sensor, closed loop force feedback control system

Operation platform automatic rising-lowering, anti-collision detection device and Z axis rollback system

Automatic application of initial test force and main test force.

The operation platform automatically rises, the sample stops rising after touching the indenter, automatically loads, unloads, and measures the hardness value.

Touch screen interface, the operator is convenient, directly select the hardness scale, the force value is automatically changed.

Powerful data processing function, including: HR, HB, HV and other hardness system conversion, qualified range setting, over limit automatic alarm, can input tester, sample name and other information

According to the standard hardness block, each hardness scale is divided into high, medium and low three sections for automatic correction.

Automatic force calibration (after manual input of correct force value); 

Ultra-precision X/Y operation platform (for fully automatic models)

Repeated positioning accuracy :3 micron stroke up to 200mm

In the range of 100 mm *100 mm, set multiple measuring points, multi-point automatic testing, batch testing (for full automatic model) 

Automatic measurement of end quenching curve of 6 samples (for full automatic model, optional)  

Sample and test information, measurement data U disk save in EXCEL format, easy to edit and process 

The database processing function is powerful, including: HR, HB, HV and other hardness system conversion, set the qualified range, over limit automatic alarm, can input tester, sample name and other information. The measurement parameters and data are automatically saved to the database. 

Scan QR code for cloud storage of measurement data, data analysis, remote diagnosis and upgrade; 

Mobile phone and computer display real-time detection data and historical data

Automatically calculate hardness value uncertainty (optional) 

Automatic generation of documents required for CNAS review (optional)