Independently-written software that achieves fast and precise auto-focus 
Distinctively new focusing algorithms which sets apart from conventional industry standards
Six-turret machine with high precision
HV, HK indenters
Multi-objective configuration: 10X, 40X (2.5X, 5X, 20X, 50X optional)
Ultra-precision X/Y operation platform
Platform with repeatable positioning accuracy: one-micron-precision
Moving distance of up to 200mm
Z-axis automatic-control and anti-collision protection
Support high-speed automatic focusing 
Adoption of optical cross-guide lifting mechanism
Automatic anti-collision device 
More exclusive features
Automatic exporting of customized reports 
Seamless connection to factory MES system 
Automatic calculation of the uncertainty of the measured value 
Automatic connection Cloud storage: automatic storage of current and historical measurement data
More customized functions upon inquiry
Automatic force-switching and brightness adjustment
Catering to different material and surface condition;     
Automatic force-switching;                              
Automatic brightness & contrast adjustment.            
Operation platform with panoramic camera (optional) 
Equipped with a panoramic camera 
No image combination required to create a panoramic image of the sample
Built-in 12 megapixel high-definition industrial camera
Automatic hardness measurement
Automatic and precise measurement in substitution of manual search of indentation
New algorithm allowing indentation detection and measurement on non-smooth or scratched surfaces
Modern minimalism style 
Built-in light source, camera, auto-focus and force-adaptation mechanism​​​​​​​