TDI-R Rockwell Indentation Depth Measuring Device Evaluator


Main features:

According to GB/T230.2, JJG112, ASTM E18 and ISO6508 standards, Rockwell hardness tester can be inspected by direct inspection method and indirect inspection method. Among them, the direct test method includes:
(1) Calibration of test force;
(2) Inspection of indenter;
(3) Calibration of indentation depth measuring device;
(4) Detection of test cycle time.


Technical Parameter

Model TDI-R
Scope of application Rockwell hardness tester (both weight and closed-loop loading are available)
Conform to GB/T230.2, JJG112, ASTME18, ISO6508
Measuring range 0-220um
Uncertainty 0.2 μ m(k=2)
Resolution 0.1 μ m
Weight 4.34KG
Power supply AC220+5%, 50~60Hz