LUM-1000 light curing cold inlaying machine

Main features:

LUM-1000 light curing cold inlaying machine, which adopts LED, is specially used for light curing of light curing inlays.
The light curing inlay has the advantages of high speed, low viscosity, good fluidity and transparency.

After curing by this curing machine, the transparent light curing inlay fills the gap in the sample, realizing the close combination between the sample and the inlay, so that the sample can also be well protected and supported during the grinding and polishing process.
Product features
1. High curing light power, fast curing;
2. There are surface light sources on the upper and lower sides, so the light is uniform and multiple samples can be cured at the same time
3. It has its own timer to set the time and automatically remind.

Technical parameters:

Name and specification
The number of inlaid samples is more than 10 (when inlaid molds with a diameter of 30mm)
The mould is applicable to transparent moulds of various shapes, including soft moulds, hard moulds or disposable moulds
Diameter 20, 30, 40, 50 mm, or rectangular die, etc
Overall dimension 200L * 210W * 80H mm
Power supply 220V, 50/60Hz, 100W
Weight 1kg