THR-45DX Rockwell hardness tester with Touch screen


Main features:

1)Electronic electric loading, high precision sensors, with a unique closed loop control system.
2)With the touch screen interface, the operator can directly select the hardness scale, and the force value can be changed automatically in the test parameters.
3)According to the standard hardness block, each hardness scale is divided into high, middle and low sections for automatic correction.
4)The test force can be automatically corrected by standard dynamometer.
5)Automatically apply the initial test force and the main test force.
6)Powerful data processing function, including: HR, HB, HV and other hardness system conversion, set the qualified range, automatic alarm over the limit, can input the tester, sample name and other information.
7)More sample and test information, measurement data USB disk saved in EXCEL format, easy to edit and process.


Technical Parameter



Initial test force

3.0KGF (29.4N)

Main test force

15kgf(147.1N)   30kgf(294.2N)    45kgf(441.3N)

Hardness scale


Rockwell test range

HR15N:70-94  HR30N:42-86 HR45N:20-77

HR15TW:67-93  HR30TW:29-82  HR45TW:10-72

Meet standard

BSEN 6508, ISO 6508, ASTM E18, GB/T230

Dwell time


Hardness resolution

0.1 HR

Error of test force

< 1%

Data output

LCD display

Data is stored

The measured values are saved on USB flash drive in Excel format

Conversion scale

Rockwell, Brinell and Vickers

Maximum allowable specimen height


Distance from indenter to wall



560 * 220 * 750 mm



Power supply

AC220 + 5%, 50 ~ 60 hz