LME-III Low magnification tissue electrolytic etching device

Metallographic Macrostructure Thermal Acid Etching Device


Main features:

LME-III macrostructure electrolytic etching device uses electrolytic etching method to prepare macrostructure samples according to GB226-2015 Steel Macrostructure and Defect Acid Etching Test Method.
1. The concentration of hydrochloric acid used in the electrolytic acid etching method is only half of that of the thermal acid etching method, and there is no need for heating. The temperature is low, and the volatilization of hydrochloric acid is less, significantly improving the working environment.
2. The device does not need to be preheated, and can be corroded by turning on the power supply, saving time; In addition, multiple rows of samples can be placed in parallel at the same time, so the efficiency is high and the repeatability is good.
3. The power control part and the electrolytic corrosion tank can be placed separately for a long distance to reduce the damage of operators and the corrosion of the power control part.
4. This device is suitable for users who have a large number of samples every day. If the number of samples is small or small, it is recommended to use a low-power thermal etching device.