JFH-27X Special heating furnace for end quenching test

End Quenching Testing Machine


Main features:

1. Six side heating is adopted, and its temperature control and furnace temperature uniformity reach the international advanced level. The laboratory is used for heat treatment, especially for precision heating such as heating test of end quenching sample;
2. The furnace shell of furnace resistance is made of thin steel plate by folding and welding, and the inner furnace lining is a rectangular furnace lining made of six sided refractory materials;
3. The spiral heating elements made of iron chromium aluminum alloy wires are threaded into the wire grooves on the upper, lower, left, right and rear walls of the inner furnace lining and furnace door;
4. The electric furnace temperature controller leans against the electric furnace;
5. The platinum rhodium platinum thermocouple for temperature measurement is inserted through the thermocouple hole behind the furnace.
6. High quality mullite products as lining and reasonable furnace body structure, more humanized translational furnace door


Rated temperature: 1200 ℃ Furnace size: 300X300X300mm (LXWXH)
Furnace body type: box type heating time: ≤ 80 min
Rated power: 10.0 KW Power supply voltage: 380V/3 Φ            
Temperature control type: SSR PID intelligent instrument Temperature control accuracy: ≤± 1.5 ℃
Heating element: resistance wire Furnace material: mullite products
Heating method: six side heating 1200 ℃ Furnace temperature uniformity: ≤ 3.0 ℃
Overall dimension: 850 × nine hundred × 750mm Weight: 150KG
Intelligent instrument: high-precision temperature control meter, multi-stage programmable automatic control, PID regulation temperature control accuracy.
Communication function: configure RS485 communication interface and communication monitoring software (optional)