LP-2M Metallographic Polishing Machine

Metallographic Polishing Machine



-It is a simple equipment for sample polishing.
-The two discs are controlled independently. The left and right discs have different speeds, and can be polished at the same time. The sample preparation can be completed without switching the speed.
-Universal water pipe cooling can rotate in the direction to adjust the water flow.
-Economical and applicable, easy to operate.
-The equipment operates with low noise and smooth grinding plate.



Working disc diameter      Standard configuration φ 203mm
Disc speed      700r/min on the left and 900r/min on the right (1400r/min customized)
Power Supply      Voltage: AC380V frequency: 50Hz
Motor power      Double motors 0.4KW in total
Overall dimension      seven hundred and sixty × four hundred and thirty × 895mm 
weight      39Kg