PVM-1000 Automatic Pressure Cold Inlay Machine

Main features:

Pvm-1000 automatic pressure cold inlay machine adopts PLC control, high-strength pressure cooker and built-in air pump to complete the whole inlay process of multiple pressurization, pressure maintenance and deflation with one key,
Special inlay equipment designed for the special requirements of cold inlay.
Using this equipment, without changing the physical and chemical properties of the resin, the bubbles and pores in the embedded sample can be greatly reduced, providing the best effect for the subsequent sample grinding and polishing and microstructure analysis.

1. Quickly reach the working pressure of 0.2MPa (2 atmospheres).
2. Complete the whole mosaic process of multiple vacuuming, maintaining vacuum and deflating cycle with one key;
3. Pressure digital display and automatic control. After reaching the set pressure value, the automatic air pump will stop automatically. After the pressure drops to a certain value, the air pump will start automatically.
4. Process parameters such as vacuum degree, vacuum holding time, bleeding, cycle times and inlay completion reminder can be set;
5. 999 sets of process parameters, set according to different materials and samples, password protection, easy to call;
6. Multiple pressure protection, safer products:
- when there is pressure in the pot, the pot cover is automatically locked, that is, the pot cover cannot be opened during operation;
- when the pressure exceeds 10% of the working pressure, the pressure relief valve on the top of the container will automatically relieve the pressure immediately.
7. The pressure vessel is made of stainless steel with large inner cavity capacity, which can process more than 20 samples with a diameter of 30mm at the same time.
8. Built in air pump, low noise, no oil, no pollution and no maintenance.
9. Special air release valve, which can implement multiple cycle pressurization and air release inlay process.

Technical parameters:



Mosaic type

Cold mosaic

Mosaic mode

Inlay under pressure

working pressure


Maximum pressure of air source


Sample chamber diameter


Overall dimension

Pressure vessel: l300 × W400 × H300mm main box: l230 × W300 × H230mm


Pressure vessel: 8kg, main cabinet: 10kg








Standard accessories:





Inlay machine main box

1 set

Pressure vessel

1 set

High pressure trachea

1 set

Instruction manual and certificate

One each

CM4 cold mosaic resin

200ml resin + 100ml curing agent

1 inlay mill (diameter 30mm)



1 set