VM-6000 Vacuum Cooling Mounting Press Machine

Main features:

Vm-6000 automatic vacuum cold inlay machine adopts PLC control, high-intensity vacuum chamber and built-in vacuum pump to complete the whole inlay process of pumping vacuum, maintaining vacuum and venting with one key.
Sample inlay is to eliminate the air in the sample and cold inlay, fill the gap in the sample with liquid inlay, and eliminate the gap between the sample and inlay, so as to realize the close combination of the sample and inlay. The samples are also well protected and supported during grinding and polishing.

1. High vacuum: - 0.09mpa (- 90kpa)
2. Complete the whole mosaic process of multiple vacuuming, maintaining vacuum and deflating cycle with one key;
3. Process parameters such as vacuum degree, vacuum holding time, bleeding, cycle times and inlay completion reminder can be set;
4. 999 sets of process parameters, set according to different materials and samples, password protection, easy to call;
5. Quickly reach the set high vacuum.
6. Large volume and transparent vacuum chamber;
7. Built in vacuum pump, low noise, no oil, no pollution and no maintenance
8. The embedded sample and liquid embedded material can be vacuumized in advance;
9. Using the rotating cup holder in the vacuum container, multiple samples can be poured into the mold at one time in vacuum for vacuum inlay;
10. The special vent valve can implement the mosaic process of multiple cycle air extraction and venting.

Technical parameters:




Number of mosaic samples

>10 (when inlaid die with diameter of 30mm)

Vacuum chamber size

300Lx 300W x 300H mm

Maximum vacuum


Pumping time

Less than 1 minute


Applicable to molds of various shapes:

Diameter 20,40,50mm, or rectangular mold, or disposable mold

Overall dimension

Vacuum chamber: 300lx300w x 300h mm

Control box (including vacuum pump): l230 × W300 × H230mm

Power Supply



Vacuum vessel: 1.15kg

Main cabinet: 10kg







Standard accessories:





Inlay machine main cabinet

1 set

Vacuum chamber

1 set

Vacuum tube

1 set

Fast epoxy King

1 set



Product instructions

1 set