LC-300Y Metallographic Cutting Machine

Metallographic Cutting Machine


Main features:

1. The machine adopts fully enclosed double shell structure. The cutting room and motor room are separated independently without mutual influence. It is safe and reliable, and greatly improves the service life of the motor;
2. The machine adopts fast clamping device to clamp objects more quickly and accurately;
3. Single side gas spring device, moderate elasticity, easy to switch the cutting chamber cover;
4. Operate the hand wheel to drive the motor and the cutting blade to cut in the Y direction, and the speed is completely manually controlled;
5. Special cooling water tank for coolant circulation;
6. Main parts such as cutting blade cover, grinding wheel spindle and jaw are made of stainless materials with long service life;
7. Stainless steel sample placement slot on the right side to improve the usability and convenience of the equipment;
8. Large cutting range and transmission power;
9. Stable rotation and low noise.


Technical Parameter

Maximum cutting area: Φ85mm
Speed: 2800r/min
Cutting blade specification: 300*3*32
Motor: 3KW,380V,50HZ
Emergency braking device: Emergency stop switch
Cutting room lighting: Low voltage DC lighting
Cutting platform specification: 240*232mm
Clamping device: Standard quick fixture (one group on the left and one group on the right)
cooling system: External circulating filter water tank 40L, multiple groups of adjustable water spraying devices and cleaning water guns
Cutting mode: Manually move the cutting in the Y direction
Viewing window: Explosion proof transparent engineering plastics
Overall dimensions: 768*780*1285mm
Weight: 250KG