LMH Low Magnification Tissue Thermal Acid Etching Device

Metallographic Macrostructure Thermal Acid Etching Device


Main features:

1. Using computer and thyristor to control the thermal etching process of macrostructure, the uncertainty of macrostructure sample preparation process is eliminated and the repeatability of macrostructure sample preparation is improved;
2. The temperature is strictly controlled to minimize the volatilization of hydrochloric acid, so as to significantly improve the working environment;
3. The acid etching tank is made of special materials, which is resistant to strong acid and high temperature;
4. A three-layer sample tray is provided, which can place and process three layers of samples at the same time, and is convenient for putting and taking out samples;
5. The acid etching tank has a large effective space and can be customized according to user requirements;
6. The acid etching tank has a compact structure and can be placed in the exhaust cabinet to improve the working environment;
7. The power supply and control part are separated from the acid etching tank to ensure the corrosion resistance of the whole system;
8. The valve for discharging acid liquid is provided, which is easy to discharge acid liquid;
9. All parts can be disassembled, and the acid etching tank is easy to clean.