M-40MRT Ortho Metallographic Microscope

Main features:

1. With excellent imaging performance and comfortable operation experience, m-40mrt provides customers with cost-effective metallographic analysis and industrial testing solutions.
2. The optimized lmplan series metallographic objective with infinite distance and long working distance improves the color difference correction level, and adjusts the film system design to further improve the image resolution and color restoration.
3. It can provide bright field, oblique lighting, simple polarization and other observation functions, and bright field images can be restored with high brightness, high resolution and positive color; Oblique lighting can highlight the intuitive three-dimensional relief effect.
4.50x, 100x, 200X, 500X, 1000x (option) (standard 10x eyepiece)
5. The observation tube with the best comfortable angle (30 °) can alleviate the tension and fatigue of users under long-time working conditions and ensure the best observation state; The scale on the observation cylinder is convenient for users to adjust the best pupil distance range by themselves.
6. The drop illuminator adopts LED Cora lighting system with field aperture, aperture aperture and oblique lighting device; Preset polarizer, polarizer and color filter slots.
7. Single 5W led warm white lighting (3000-3300k), compared with similar LED lighting, can minimize the visual fatigue of observers.
8. Excellent focusing system is adopted, with larger numerical aperture and higher brightness, which greatly improves the transmission light transmittance.
9. The pull rod device of field aperture and aperture aperture is adjustable in the center, which can flexibly adjust the size of the lighting range and effectively avoid the influence of stray light on the image.
10. Polarizer and polarizer can realize simple polarizing observation. You can also select color filters of different colors according to your needs to obtain ideal observation results.
11. The transparent and reflective frame can place samples up to 28mm. The reflective frame can lower the stage by 50mm by rotating the screws at the same position in the right figure, so that the maximum sample height can reach 78mm.
12. The random limit device can effectively prevent the sample from touching the objective lens and avoid damage.


Technical parameters:

optical system

Infinite chromatic aberration correction optical system

Observation tube

30 ° tilt, infinite hinged binocular observation tube, pupil distance adjustment: 54mm ~ 75mm, unilateral diopter adjustment: ± 5 diopter


30 ° inclined, infinite hinged tee observation tube, pupil distance adjustment: 54mm ~ 75mm, unilateral diopter adjustment: ± 5 diopter, two-stage splitting ratio R: T = 100:0 or 50:50


High eye point large field flat field eyepiece pl10x22mm


High eye point large field flat field eyepiece pl10x22mm (with micrometer)


High eye point large field flat field eyepiece pl10x22mm (visibility adjustable)


High eye point large field flat field eyepiece pl15x16mm

objective lense

Flat field infinite distance achromatic metallographic objective (5x, 10x, 20x, 50x, 100x)

Objective converter

Internal positioning five hole converter

Coarse and micro focusing mechanism

Reflection frame, low hand position coarse and micro coaxial focusing mechanism, coarse adjustment stroke 28mm, fine adjustment accuracy 0.002mm. It is equipped with an adjusting elastic device to prevent sliding and a random upper limit device. With platform position up and down adjustment mechanism, the maximum sample height is 78mm


Double layer mechanical mobile platform, low hand position, coaxial adjustment in X and Y directions; The platform has an area of 175x145mm and a moving range of 76mmx42mm. It can be equipped with a metal carrier plate for reflection and a dual-purpose glass carrier plate for transmission and reflection


Adaptive wide voltage 100v-240v_ AC50 / 60Hz, reflector room, single high-power 5wled, warm color, Cora lighting, with field aperture and aperture aperture aperture, adjustable center, with oblique lighting device


Shake out achromatic condenser for transmission (n.a0.9), with variable aperture diaphragm and adjustable center

Other accessories

Color filters for transmission: yellow, if550, LBD, neutral


Photography accessories: 1X, 0.67x, 0.5x C interface, focusing can be adjusted; 3.2X photographic eyepiece, camera barrel (with PK bayonet or MD bayonet) digital camera relay mirror


Interference color filter for reflection: Blue < = 480nm; Green 520nm ~ 570nm; Red 630 ~ 750nmlbd


High precision micrometer with grid value of 0.01mm