Field Metallographic Microscope


Main features:

When m-20ds field metallographic microscope is used for metallographic inspection, the workpiece does not need to be moved and there is no
It is necessary to cut and sample, grind, polish, etch and observe the workpiece directly, so as to ensure
It is an effective tool for nondestructive testing of metallographic structure to verify the integrity of workpiece. Grinding and polishing
And etching
The on-site metallographic microscope is applicable to the metallographic inspection of large and non destructive products, such as
Petrochemical industry, railway shipbuilding, power plant, power station, equipment installation, large abrasive tools and other industries
Safety inspection, quality supervision, metallographic inspection and failure analysis. For power plants, chemical plants
It is particularly important for quality control, detection and fault analysis of offshore platforms


1. The microscope adopts large field of view eyepiece and achromatic objective lens, with fine-tuning mechanism, stable focus and clear imaging. Condenser halogen light source, adjustable brightness, uniform and flat field of view;
2. Objective lens converter, inward type ball internal positioning three hole objective lens converter, which can install three objective lenses at the same time, avoiding the trouble of replacing the objective lens;
3. Coaxial focusing mechanism makes the microscope small, stable and durable. Even with a heavy camera, it will not slide down and refocus, and the image is clear and stable;
4. The microscope base is equipped with a high magnetic two-dimensional mobile base that can turn on and off magnetism, which is made of rubidium iron boron material. Users only need to pull the knob to realize on-off magnetic energy, which is suitable for adsorbing various complex workpiece surfaces, such as pipes and planes with various diameters;
5. The field of view can be adjusted in the X-Y plane;
6. The gear type mechanical mobile platform will not slide down by itself even if the microscope is placed horizontally;
7. Portable LED lighting, uniform color temperature and clear photography;
8. Supporting mechanical / Electrolytic field polishing equipment (option)
And camera configuration, the following four options are available:


Technical parameters:



optical system

Finite far chromatic aberration correction optical system




大视野  WF10X(Φ18mm)

Long distance flat field achromatic objective

10X  PL L /0.25  WD8.8mm


20X  PL L /0.4   WD8.6mm


40X  PL L /0.6   WD3.73mm


Inward type ball internal positioning three hole objective lens converter


6V3W LED Lamp lighting, rechargeable lithium battery


X-Y Magnetic base