EP-06X Electrolytic Polishing Corrosion Tester

The EP 06X electrolytic polishing corrosion tester is a metallographic sample preparation instrument that integrates electrolytic polishing and corrosion functions. Suitable for use in laboratories such as factories, colleges, and research institutions. This equipment utilizes electrochemical principles for the preparation of metallographic samples, can also be used for polishing metallographic samples, and can also be used for corrosion of metallographic samples. It has the advantages of fast sample preparation, good repeatability, and no mechanical deformation layer. It is an ideal equipment for the preparation of metallographic samples for non-ferrous metals, steel, especially stainless steel.

Main features:

1. Touch screen setting parameters, displaying voltage time and current time curves;

2. Current and voltage scanning, automatic measurement of polarization curve: used to confirm the specific voltage and current for electrolysis or polishing. After generating the curve, it is used to obtain the optimal parameters (options) for corrosion and polishing that are suitable for the material.

3. Realize constant current and constant voltage working mode;

4. DC 0-100V/0-6A, current/voltage values can be customized;

5. Accurate and stable set voltage value, voltage regulation, display accuracy to two decimal places, voltage accuracy: 0.01V

6. Accurately and stably set the current value, adjust the current and display the accuracy to three decimal places, with a current accuracy of 0.001A;

7. The working voltage and current can be input into the computer for further data analysis and research (optional options: RS232, RS485, wireless connection, and communication with the computer).

8. Protection against overvoltage, overheating, and overvoltage and undervoltage of mains input;

9. Can control the polishing/corrosion area of the sample (sample cover opening diameter 15mm, 20mm, 30mm);

10. Control the polishing/corrosion working time;

11. The stirring device ensures uniform polishing/corrosion medium and consistent surface environment of the sample;


Main technical parameters

working voltage AC220V 50Hz
Electrolytic output DC 0-100V/0-6A, continuously adjustable, digital display
Voltage and current regulation, display accuracy 电压0.01V/电流0.Voltage 0.01V/Current 0.001A
Constant temperature range Normal temperature~100 ℃± 1 ℃
working hours 0-99 hours, customizable
Container capacity 800ml
Cooling system Cooling coil with external tap water cooling
Electric box size 292×380×120mm
Magnetic stirrer size 240×190×130mm
Total power 900W
weight 15Kg


Standard configuration

source 1 unit 
Standard polished/corroded components: 1 set
Including: one cooling coil, one cathode and other hoses each One each
Sample cover: control the polishing area of the sample, with diameters of 15, 20, and 30mm One each
Easy polishing/corrosion components(Iron frame, anode support plate, anode clamp, cathode, etc.) 1 set
Mixer and heating control unit 1
instructions 1 set
Certificate of conformity 1 copy



IV-C polarization curve testing software 1 set Including computer and software USB drive.



The current and voltage of the power box can be customized into the following combinations:

number one two three four
Voltage range 0~12V 0~20V 0~300V 0~500V
Current range 0~50A 0~30A 0~2A 0~1.2A



1. After the equipment arrives, the supplier is responsible for remotely guiding the buyer to install, debug, and use the equipment.

2. After the acceptance of the instrument, the warranty period begins to be calculated. The warranty period is one year.

3. After the warranty period expires, the supplier provides long-term maintenance and repair services, as well as the supply of consumables, vulnerable parts, and related components, to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.