M-20DX on-site wireless metallographic microscope


M-20DX on-site wireless metallographic microscope


When conducting metallographic inspection on site with a metallographic microscope, there is no need to move the workpiece or cut and sample. It directly grinds, polishes, etches, and observes the inspection on the workpiece to ensure the integrity of the workpiece. It is an effective tool for non-destructive testing of metallographic structure.

The on-site metallographic microscope is suitable for metallographic inspection of large and non-destructive products, such as safety inspection, quality supervision, metallographic inspection, and failure analysis in industries such as petrochemical, railway shipbuilding, power plants, power stations, equipment installation, and large grinding tools. Quality control, testing, and fault analysis are particularly important for applications such as power plants, chemical factories, and offshore platforms.


Product features:

1. The M-20DX on-site wireless metallographic microscope is completely wireless, without the need for external power supply or signal cable connection to the computer;

2. Equipped with a rechargeable large capacity lithium battery, the microscope light source does not require external power supply, and the 500W pixel camera does not require external power supply or WIFI connection to a laptop;

3. The microscope adopts a large field of view eyepiece and a flat achromatic objective, with a fine adjustment mechanism, stable focus, and clear imaging. Spotlight halogen lamp light source, adjustable brightness, uniform and flat field of view;

4. The coaxial focusing mechanism makes the microscope compact, stable, and durable. Even with a heavier camera, it does not slide and does not need to be refocused, resulting in clear and stable images;

5. The microscope base is equipped with a high magnetic two-dimensional mobile base that can be turned on or off, and is made of rubidium iron boron material. Users only need to lightly press the knob to achieve on/off magnetic energy, suitable for adsorbing various complex workpiece surfaces, such as pipes and planes of various diameters;

6. The field of view can move smoothly in the X-Y plane;

7. Gear type mechanical mobile platform, even if the microscope is placed horizontally, it will not slide down on its own;

8. Portable LED lighting, uniform color temperature, clear photography, halogen lamp lighting, obtaining color metallography;

9. Supporting mechanical/electrolytic on-site polishing equipment (optional).



Main parameters:


Magnification factor 100X、125X、400X、500X
objective lens 10X, 40X, one each (optional 20X, 50X)
eyepiece One 10X and one 12.5X each
camera 5 megapixel, WIFI connected to computer
XY movable base Travel in X-Y direction 20x20mm
Magnetic suction base On/off magnetic base, minimum adsorption pipe diameter 30mm
Lamp source Two types of light sources: LED portable light source and 6V15W halogen lamp
Portable aluminum alloy packaging box 420X280X160mm 1 piece
weight 2.5Kg




1. MAP-1 on-site variable speed grinding and polishing machine, divided into two types: built-in power supply or external 220V power supply

Speed 14000-32000r/min, power 120W, 5-speed adjustable

2. EP-01 Portable Electrolytic Polishing Machine

3. Laptop computer

4. MIAS3000 Metallographic Professional Analysis Software

5. AC paper for replication of microscopic images